The Weirdest Tech Reviews of All Time Pt.1

Have you ever read a tech review that left you scratching your head, wondering what in the world the reviewer was talking about? Maybe they used six-syllable words when two would have sufficed. Or maybe they gave a product five stars even though it exploded in their face. Whatever your experience, I’m here to share some of the strangest tech reviews of all time. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to get weird.

  1. The Cheese Grater Mac Pro
    In 2019, Apple debuted a new Mac Pro that immediately drew comparisons to a cheese grater. The internet had a field day with this design choice, but a few tech reviewers took it to the next level. One reviewer for The Verge wrote, “This has to be the most aesthetically divisive computer ever made. To some, it’s a space-age triumph, all gleaming metal and spare nothing. To others, it looks like an expensive, sentient kitchen appliance that might shred your hands.”
  2. The HAPIfork
    If you’re trying to lose weight or eat more mindfully, the HAPIfork might seem like a useful tool. It vibrates if you’re eating too fast, reminding you to slow down and savor your food. But one Amazon reviewer had a different take: “This fork is more annoying than an alarm clock that goes off on a Saturday. It vibrates every time I take a bite, making me want to toss it across the room. If I have to think about one more thing while I’m eating, I might lose my damn mind.”
  3. The Foldable Phone
    When Samsung announced their Galaxy Fold phone in 2019, tech reviewers rushed to be the first to get their hands on it. But one reviewer for The New York Times seemed personally insulted by the device: “The Fold feels like a $2,000 unfinished product that’s been rushed to market and will almost certainly have problems that will need fixing. It’s a bulkier design that solves a problem that doesn’t exist.”
  4. The Smart Water Bottle
    If you struggle to drink enough water every day, a smart water bottle might seem like a game-changer. It tracks your intake and reminds you to hydrate throughout the day. But one CNET reviewer had a bone to pick with the HidrateSpark 3: “I don’t need a water bottle that nags me like my mother-in-law. I know when I’m thirsty, dammit. And I don’t need a glowing light to tell me that I should drink more water. That’s what my brain is for.”
  5. The Smart Toaster
    Yes, you read that right. The Revolution toaster bills itself as “the world’s first smart toaster,” with features like touchscreen controls and customizable toasting settings. But one Amazon reviewer wasn’t impressed: “This toaster costs more than my first car and does less than my flip phone. Why would anyone pay $400 for a toaster that doesn’t even have a bagel setting? This is the epitome of unnecessary tech.”

There you have it, folks: some of the weirdest tech reviews you’ll ever read. Whether you’re in the market for a cheese grater Mac or a nagging water bottle, there’s a strange tech product out there for everyone. But as these reviews show, not all tech is created equal, and sometimes the weirdest products are the ones that fall short. So before you invest in the latest gadget, make sure you do your research and read the reviews – just maybe not these ones.

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